Welcome to our wedding blog where we can share with all our friends our adventures especially those who will not be able to be with us on our special day.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Thank you for visiting our blog! We have started this blog so that we can share our upcoming event with you all. Since many of you have expressed to see what we are up to as well as to see pictures this would be the easiest way to do things. In the upcoming months we will post pics as we prepare and after the wedding we will post pics of the the first ceremony in June and then the second one in September. Our blog title means I Do in Japanese.


  1. I wait with anticipation the next installment as if I were at the movies waiting for the next installment of the action packed serial"Adventures of Jeff and Bruce".

  2. This is a GREAT BLOG I have made one but never remember how to get into it. :-( I won't give up as I love coming to yours. Can't wait for the new one of the wedding.

  3. what a fun blog already lookimg fsamtastic lovely guys
    I look forward t seeing the pics of the day may it be bright and sunny for you both and the many blessings be on you as you are wedded!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox